Path of Streamer part 1: How I made it to Twitch Affiliate

Today’s episode is not just about poker, although it is closely related to it. So what is it about? Finally I have reached Twitch affiliate status and I can earn money by streaming poker! Obviously I need viewers and subscribers to be successful, and that’s why I decided to celebrate it with everyone who subscribes my channel. First of all, I run a contest where you can win a share of my Sunday Million profit for a subscription price of just € 4.99! Check out my channel for details. I will be happy not only for every subscriber, but also for every follower!

So much for the introduction. Maybe you’re considering a similar path as me, so I decided to write a few notes that might be important to your streaming “career”.


You can not stream without three things – streaming program, webcam and microphone. I think streaming program and webcam do not matter so much in the beginning. For a program, I personally chose the Xsplit Broadcaster for one single reason – it was the only program that had no problem with my PC. For other programs I dealt with bugs related to webcam or audio. Only Xsplit worked without problems. On the other hand, it is not quite the cheapest one (it costs me $ 30.68 for three months) and some users say it is demanding on PC configuration (not so sure about that as my old Intel Core i7-5500U 2.4GHz CPU with 8GB RAM and Windows 8.1 runs it without problems). I also bought the mentioned webcam and microphone for a total price of about 1 000 CZK and launched my first stream. Hmm big mistake! During the review of my stream I found out several things –  poor-quality web page is probably fine (at least you can’t see that you have something in between your teeth), but the terrible sound can deter even a true poker enthusiast. Never mind, the microphone in a few hundred so flies into the scrap immediately.  Instead I get high tech RODE NT-USB for about 3 000 CZK. Check the sound quality yourself here. I think it’s great and it is absolutely essential for any decent stream. So the advice is – don’t be uncle scratch like me and invest in a microphone right from the start! It will save your time, money and nerves. Still, despite the better sound there was no big audience (average viewership 2 -3 people), which is not enough to be affiliate..

Twitch achievements

You need to reach 4 achievements in last 30 days to be Twitch Affiliate.

  • stream for 8 hours
  • stream on 7 different days
  • average of 3 viewers
  • reach 50 followers

First two achievements only take up my time, the other two are harder. Personally, I don’t have lot of friends in poker community as I play mostly online. So I started from scratch trying to attract random poker enthusiast on Twitch. My very first streams were in English, but it wasn’t very successful (the audience was often between 2 and 3 viewers counting me looking at myself). So I decided to start streaming for a local Czech audience in the evening and it paid off! Audience of over 5 viewers and sometimes even 10 viewers suddenly watched my stream. I think czech people just like to watch other czech people fight with the rest of the world. Certainly there is also other factor – lack of czech streams on Twitch. Anyways,  I could finally uncheck the third achievement so just the last one was pending – chase 50 followers (at that time I had about 40). I must admit that I was quite impatient and decided to help myself with the other streamers. I offered them basically follow for follow and got about 5 at least. At least we still follow and even chat with each other. Even so, I’m not quite proud of it, but the end justifies the means. I would attract those people sooner or later, but I didn’t want to wait or annoy my friends to join the Twitch and give me follow. Anyways, It is done and all four achievements reached!

Source: My Twitch account

Way of streamer continues

Of course, this is not the end of my journey. Affiliate status gives me the opportunity to create my own emoticons and loyalty badges for long-term subscribers. It’s quite fun and everything can be done for free using software This YouTube video helped me a lot. Take a look on my channel. Nowadays, I am going to improve the stream because the two biggest challenges are just ahead of me. The first one is to become a Twitch partner and get even better deal with Twitch (for this, it is necessary to achieve an average audience of over 75 followers – real challenge indeed). The second one is to attract subscribers and stream in order to make some money. From this point of view, yesterday February 28, 2020 was my big day – the first subscriber, someone appreciated my stream! This is a great motivation for me! So final message to everyone – motivate me to keep streaming and passing on my poker knowledge if you like my stream or this website. That is only way to make us bloggers and streamers continue. Quid pro quo guys;) Fair enough, don’t you think?

Pictures: Twitch, Pokertube

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