From Zero to Hero: My Poker Story

The purpose of this website is to share advice about poker, stock investing and P2P lending. Before we jump to this part I would like to share my story how I earned my first dollars playing poker. I started to play online on Pokerstars back in 2010 under nickname yagerman007. My first deposit was 50USD and I was grinding tournaments with 25c buyins. I assume I had a decent amount of luck in the beginning. However, I also had proper bankroll management and I educated myself by reading articles and watching videos. Soon my bankroll was growing. Yes, I never have been busto, had no crazy downswings, never had to load more money besides those 50 dollars. Remember, this website is meant to be about earning money, not losing them.

Anyways, during my university years I had lot of time to play poker. So, I had a quite nice progress – jumping from micro stakes to low stakes, from low stakes to midstakes. Suddenly I was playing final table of big 55 with 2661 entries at that time. I was pretty monyscared so I ended up on 6th place taking 4 590USD. During college years it was lot of money. Therefore, I got fairly more motivated and performed my first investments as I started using softwares such as Holdem Manager  in order to track other players during multitabling and I also started using ICM tools like ICMizer to analyze my push/fold play. Education paid of – by the end of April 2015 I was already 25k USD up. And that was just a beginning. During crazy 5 days between 24 and 29 May I had a deal on Sunday final table Hotter 16,5 for 15 968 USD and I also won daily Hot 75 taking 9 375 USD. Another 25k up during one week! At that time, lifechanging money for me. I must admit I was a bit spewy back then so I spent some money on parties or even in strip clubs, however also on things that made more sense such as way too expensive food and travelling. I visited destinations such as Cuba or Peru and lot of places around Europe. Unfortunately, I did not consider any other investments so my withdrawals ended up on saving accounts slowly depreciated by inflation.

Meanwhile I also reached master degree at Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. This created a huge dilemma for me. I had two choices – pursue my poker carreer or find a “decent” job to implement my university knowledge. In the end I found a job in “big 4” audit joining PwC. I must say it was thrilling experience. Long working hours with lot of stress, however I also met lot of interesting people and most importantly – gained knowledge about companies and their financial statements. One day I saw a podcast about investing in stocks and I realized: This is for me! So back in summer 2017 I loaded euros on broker account and bought my first shares of Intel which was nicely undervalued (I jumped in for 35USD, current price as at 7 November 2019 is nearly 60USD). After that I bought some other shares and Cisco which was undervalued as well. Finally, I had a place for my money! Finally, I had something that beats inflation in long run.

Great thing is, due to my audit job I saved most of my poker earnings which allowed me to invest. This was supported even more on 21 April 2019 when I made my biggest hit on Pokerstars reaching 2nd place in Bounty Builder 109 taking 22 270 USD.  And this is how my lifetime graph looks now.


More money to invest made me realised that I want be more diversified as stocks go sometimes up and down. Therefore I decided to invest money to P2P lending and created account on Mintos which brings us to present. In further articles I would like to present my tips and advices around mentioned topics. Sometimes we will go to the details as I believe it is crucial for you success. Making money is not easy, on the other hand it is not rocket science.

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