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In today’s article, I would like to focus on loans offered on Mintos in Euro currency. Most of my loans on Mintos website is in Euros despite the lower interest rate compare to market in Kazakhstan or Russia. The main reasons are:

1. Euro loans have good liquidity – it means you can quite easily sell them on the secondary market to other investors. So if you need flexible cash flow, it is good option for you.

2. If you have an account in Euros, you do not pay any fees. I personally use a free charge SEPA payments, after that I transfer the money to Revolut and exchange it at a fair rate to any other currency.

3. I have the most confidence in Euro loans because there is no high currency risk and their providers operate in EU markets. On the other side the markets in Russia and Kazakhstan offer a higher interest rate at a higher risk (including currency risk).

However, I do not think it is wise to blindly entrust your money to any Euro loan on the market. Therefore, I would like to focus on those who are most trustful – at least in my opinion. The first criterion is the rating of Mintos itself. Mintos assigns risk ratings to loan originators offering their loans on the marketplace. The Mintos Ratings are on a scale from “A+” to “D”, representing the lowest and the highest counterparty risk respectively. I only filter “A-” and better, which should mean that it is a financially strong company, having a stable and leading market position, solid asset quality, robust debt collection procedures lead by a management team with a good track record and operating in stable and established regulatory environment. 

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Loan originators on scale from “A+” to “A-“

Let’s introduce the companies with the best rating on Mintos. I will focus on the three loan originators I have decided to invest in:


Headquartered in Riga, Latvia, the company operates in more than 15 countries. It has issued loans worth over EUR 358 million to date and has a net loan portfolio of over EUR 140 million. The strategic priorities of Mogo Finance are focused on consistent profitable growth and geographical expansion. The execution of this strategy is fuelled by more than 650 team members and over 100 000 customers, as well as investments in advanced technologies to deliver the best-in-class financial services.

Mogo Finance operates through its own branch network, more than 1500 partner locations and a strong online presence. Wide geographical coverage makes the company unique in comparison to its competitors and diversified revenue streams. Mogo Finance currently operates in the Baltics, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.

Mogo Finance S.A. provides a group guarantee for all Mogo loans on Mintos. As a result, the rating of all Mogo group entities is A.

Mogo Finance increased the revenues, net profit margin and hence net profit in Q3 2019. The Group naturally increases its operating costs and debt which is in line with expansion. Mogo certainly has no problem with financing and investors interest. This means that Mogo should remain one of the most stable loan originators. The returns related to some loans are even lower than 10% p.a. On the other side the risk is relatively low since Mogo has currently enough capital. The global rating agency Fitch awarded Mogo Finance S.A. B-rating with stable outlook. More information can be found on Mintos website.

Banknote and Vizia (ExpressCredit)

VIZIA specializes in consumer loans, focusing on medium-to higher-income customers and their financial needs in various life situations.

The company is fully owned by ExpressCredit Group, the leading consumer financial services chain in Latvia. ExpressCredit was founded in 2009. Operating under different brands, including Banknote and VIZIA, it has become a trusted partner for more than 300 000 people across Latvia.

Banknote offers personal loans, international bank transfers, and secured loans using personal property as collateral (pawnbroking) in its 86 branches across Latvia.

SIA ExpressCredit (Banknote brand) is 100% owner of SIA ViziaFinance (VIZIA brand). Banknote and Vizia are basically trademarks for lending to borrowers. They are 100% owned by ExpressCredit. However you can only find loans under the names Banknote and Vizia on Mintos marketplace.

The company’s financial statements clearly show that both Banknote and Vizia (ExpressCredit) are based on very strong financial results. Despite interest for investors is not the highest compared to other loans on P2P platforms, the probability of a smooth investment during the upcoming years is very high. You can find more detailed information about the company including presentation and financial statements directly on Mintos website.

Everest Finanse

Is member of the Mintos family since September 2019. This lending company offers on the marketplace the opportunity to invest in its personal loans in euro. The company provides loans on the Polish market under the brand Bocian Pożyczki and they managed to issue more than 1.5 million loans totaling about PLN 3.5 billion (about EUR 811.7 million) since its foundation. Bocian Pożyczki was founded in 2000. Meanwhile they have significantly developed to company with strong financial position. They are providing audited financial statements and detailed presentation directly on Mintos website as well as companies above.

Filtering criteria

As a result I choose the mentioned companies for my investments. But that’s not all. There are also other criteria to consider:

1. I usually buy loans on the secondary market from other investors, which has two benefits. Firstly, I buy loans from them at a discount (even though it is usually just 0,1% discount for Euro loans), which is caused by high liquidity of the euro market. Secondly I can see the previous payment history of the borrower as there are details related to payment schedule.

2. I insist on the loan status “current” and buyback guarantee. It means extra comfort that the debtor has a good payment discipline. However, there is always risk that debtor will not pay his debt. In that case I get my money back without interest after 60 days. Do not be affraid since it happens very rarely. The installment is usually repaid with a maximum delay of several days (1-60 days).

I do such an exercise once a week and it takes about 15 minutes. For lazy investors I recommend autoinvest so you do not have to waste your time. However, I recommend the tactics above for the real uncle scratches as I believe it will maximize your annual yield percentage in long term.


I honestly believe that mentioned tips will help you maximize your profits on Mintos. I find euro loans with described providers relatively safe. On the other hand, remember the risk free investment does not exist. I personally achieved a return slightly over 10%.  Considering current ridiculous interest rates on savings accounts, term deposits and similar products, Mintos is the investment which worth the risk to me. In the next episode I will focus on loans in Kazakhstan, where the annual rate of return is even higher. Finally, I enclose a screen from my Mintos account where you can see my current return from more than two hundred loans cooperating with the lending companies mentioned above.

Source: Authors account on Mintos


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