Keep buying shares facing bear mood

The coronavirus crisis hit the market and the S&P index is heading steeply down. Wednesday 18 March, the worst day so far hitting 2,288 points. It means plunge 32% compared to the February all time highs 3,386 points. Therefore, I decided to make further purchases … Read More

Why I made my first purchases since December 2018

We all knew the fall will come one day. Of course, the market can not go up forever. Stock prices were already too high. Sadly, ordinary people who just bought overpriced funds are losing now, desperately selling. Banks are able to advise them sell the … Read More

Caterpillar: Money making insect

Nowadays, there is not many people who did not hear about Caterpillar’s (ticker CAT) excavators and bulldozers. The company which increased its dividend for the 25 years despite the fact that it operates in a highly cyclical industry, where regular dividend growth is a rarity. … Read More

Johnson & Johnson: Growing Dividend Giant

Johnson & Johnson (ticker JNJ) is a company that should definitely not miss your attention. It was founded more than 130 years ago and has increased its dividend for 57 years in a row. J&J has one of the longest history of dividend growth. The … Read More

How to start investing on the stock market

The beginnings on stock market were not easy as I was not sure how to find proper data and information. In this article I would like to make things easy for you in order to save you valuable time. People also ask me whether make … Read More